Presentation Coaching

Or, as I like to phrase it: I help people express and present their ideas.

I have successfully coached TEDx speakers, startups, and people with a background in technology and IT (which I happen to share and for whom I wrote Presenting for Geeks). As such, I have a lot of experience expressing complex issues as simple as possible (but not simpler).

I'm available for one-on-one coaching (in German and English) for your next all-important presentation as well as for presentation courses specifically crafted for your and your team's needs.

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On hitting the Publish button ...

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I didn't plan on doing this today. It's not finished! It needs a cover! It hasn't been proof read! But I've been sitting on this version for over a week now and I can't think of anything more to add (or to take away). It's the best version I can come up with at this point. Probably not the "final final" version, but one that feels complete, at least for me right now.

So I decided to embrace the concepts of "release early, release often" and "show your work", took a deep breath, and hit the dreaded "Publish" button.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Brainstorming Your Presentation, my second ebook, in all its unfinished glory. Be gentle, but honest, and let me know what you think. Thanks!

Turn around for a fresh look

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There's a nice park near the place where I live, so I occasionally (though not often enough, I guess), I go there for a walk. Due to the park's location and layout, I always end up going around it in the same direction. It has enough variation in terms of smaller sideways and alternative routes, but I've always been going on my round counter-clockwise without thinking much about it.

The other day, on a whim, I decided to walk my usual route the other way around. Which resulted in me coming up to corners and pathways and wondering where I was - until I recognised that I was in a familiar spot that only looked unfamiliar since I was looking at it from a different direction.

Stop pointing at your screen!

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It's an involuntary gesture and I'd bet it has happened to all of us: You want to point out something on your slides but instead of pointing to the projected slide that the audience sees, you're pointing to your laptop's screen or the preview monitor.