Announcement: Yours truly at the Speak like a Pro virtual conference

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Back in April, I did an interview with Jenny Blake over Skype. It's part of a series of interviews with speaking professionals that will air in the week of August 25 under the name of the Speak like a Pro virtual conference. You can watch the 25 interviews for free during that week or purchase the set later.

I'm tempted to write "24 speaking professionals plus yours truly", because really the line-up is somewhat humbling. It includes several of the people that I've learned much of what I know from, including Nancy Duarte, Pam Slim, and Susan Weinschenk. I'm also happy to point out that the lineup includes a friend of mine, surgeon Ross Fisher, who gave a great talk at TEDxStuttgart back in November 2013.

A closer look at the list of speakers shows that it's really a good mix of people who teach speaking and presenting and of people who have a lot of experience doing it. So Speak like a Pro is not a series of lectures from presentation experts but promises to provide a good look at public speaking and presenting from a lot of different angles, in theory and especially in practice.

My interview will start airing on August 26 at 7pm ET. While that's 1am CEST over here in Europe, the video will be available for viewing for free for 24 hours, so it shouldn't really be a problem. I also strongly recommend watching as many of the other videos as you possibly can. If you're interested in public speaking and presenting at all, I'm sure you'll take away something from each of them.

See you (or should that be: "see me"?) at Speak like a Pro, starting August 25. Don't miss it!

Speak Like a Pro: Virtual Conference with Jenny Blake from Jenny Blake on Vimeo.

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