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I'm a presentation coach and this is my passion. I have successfully coached TEDx speakers, startups, and people with a background in technology and IT (which I happen to share and for whom I wrote Presenting for Geeks).

I'd be happy to help you or your team with your specific presentation needs. Please feel free to contact me or check out what I have to offer over on my professional website (in German). Thank you.

This is my blog where I write about all aspects of "better" presenting.

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Stand up for That Talk From Home

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I would usually argue that you should stand up when giving a talk, even when you do it in a small space, like an office, or for a small audience. These days, as people do their talks online, the recommendation I’m seeing is to sit down for the talk. Isn’t that a contradiction?

Forget the Hero's Journey (for Presentations)

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Storytelling should be in the toolbox of every presenter, right next to a focus on the audience, and the use of visuals. Storytelling is nothing new - it's a tried and tested technique and its use in presentations should come naturally. But storytelling in presentations is not the same as storytelling in writing or in movies. Let me explain.

... not necessarily in that order

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There should be no doubt in any presenter's mind that storytelling is important. If you are still not convinced, go and read "Story Proof" by Kendall Haven. You can also find helpful tips about how to find a story for your presentation - even if it is a technical one - elsewhere on this blog. None of this is new and you should really be using this in your presentations already. So let's move on to a somewhat advanced tip.

Using Black Slides or the B Key

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A useful feature in slideware that many presenters are not aware of is the B key. If you don't know what I'm talking about, try it out now: Start a presentation, then press the B key. What happens is that the screen will turn black - hence 'B'. Press the key again and the slide will be displayed again.