Mini Book Review: So What?

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So What? How to Communicate What Really Matters to Your Audience by Mark Magnacca

The author may be overdoing it a bit (So What Method, So What Matrix, So What This, So What That), but the idea as such is valid: Whether you're presenting, want to sell something, or are about to introduce yourself - always think about your audience first.

Don't just list things that are somewhat related to the topic but only mention what would be of interest to your audience. Imagine yourself being in their situation and then, upon hearing what you told them, ask yourself "So what?". What was the point of what you just told them?

The method is simple enough and the author lists several different scenarios to demonstrate that it works in each of them. You could probably stop reading after 2 or 3 chapters, but the book doesn't have that many pages (160 in the printed edition), and it's an easy (and occasionally entertaining) read, so you might as well finish it.

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