Presenting for Geeks - The Workshop

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I had to put work on my presentation course on the back burner since two other projects took precedence and required my full attention. The first of these two projects is now ready for announcement:

Presenting for Geeks is a shorter version of the complete presentation course targeted at, obviously, geeks. The goal of this workshop is to gently steer my fellow geeks away from bullet point-laden slides and teach some of the basic concepts of a modern and more engaging presentation style.

This workshop will premier at FrOSCon (August 25+26 in St. Augustin, Germany). Another instance is scheduled for PyCon DE (October 29 to November 2 in Leipzig, Germany). The workshop at FrOSCon will be 2 hours long and be held in English, the one at PyCon will be 3 hours and in German.

Topics we will cover in these workshops include the preparation (focus on your audience's needs and expectations), some brief tips on slide design (avoiding bullet point overload), and general tips on the act of presenting (connecting and interacting with your audience).

If all goes well, secret project no. 2 will be in its final stages and ready for announcement in time for FrOSCon. Work on the full presentation course ("Wege zur besseren Präsentation") will resume shortly thereafter.

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