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Some things take time, especially if they involve German authorities :) But now, 6 month after quitting my previous job, I've finally set up my own business. As of this month, being a presentation coach is officially my full-time day job. I'm excited (and a little scared) and eager to help people express and present their ideas.

Need help with a presentation? Here's what I have to offer:

Presentation coaching: Depending on your needs, this can include anything from working out what you want to say, helping you find the best way to say it, how to say and visualise it, up to and including helping you with rehearsing and actually presenting it. Or anything in between - let's talk about your specific needs.

Presentation courses: Looking for a presentation course for your company or department? For technical audiences, such a course could be based on my tried and tested Presenting for Geeks workshops. People in marketing or managing positions would benefit from a Presentation 2.0 course, which I can offer under a license from my partners, Ideas on Stage. If neither of these seem to fit your requirements, let's talk and I can offer you a course customised for your specific needs.

Why should you even trust me with your presentation needs? Even though I've only now made this my day job, I've been running presentation courses and doing presentation coaching on the side for several years now. I'm a regular speaker at (mostly tech-related) conferences. I'm the author of Presenting for Geeks which, according to Garr Reynolds, provides good presentation advice from a fellow technical presenter. I'm a co-organiser and speaker liaison at TEDxStuttgart, where I've been working with the speakers on their presentations. And last but not least, I've got the qualifications: a certificate as a Presentation 2.0 Director from Ideas on Stage, a Train the Trainer certificate from the chamber of commerce (IHK) in Stuttgart, and I took Pamela Slim's PowerTeaching online course.

I'm mostly looking for customers in Germany, so you can find all of the above information in German here, too. Feel free to contact me if you're looking for a presentation coach in another country - I may be available or be able to refer you to a fellow presentation coach there.

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