How to Tie Your Shoes

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When you have to present an idea or a concept that goes against the way people used to do it (until now), it's very important that you make it easy for your audience to understand, accept and apply this new way of doing things. A nice example for this can be seen in a short TED talk by Terry Moore, titled "How to tie your shoes".

If you haven't seen this talk, I'd suggest you watch it before you read on. It's only 3 minutes long and embedded below.

Now, when I first heard about someone suggesting a new way to tie your shoes, I expected it to be something clever but very complicated. I was reminded of those videos that show you how to fold a t-shirt in 2 seconds; very clever, potentially useful, but complicated to actually do unless you practise a lot.

Terry Moore's method, however, is very simple and varies from the way in which you've tied your shoes until now in only one small detail; and he manages to summarise the essential trick in a way that's simple and easy to remember:

The other way around!

When you've seen it done once, all you need is this simple reminder.

As short as it is, this talk with its simple message is a nice example of how to make a message stick. What initially seems to require a great deal of unlearning is reduced to a simple trick that you can apply immediately and that is easy to remember.

What's the trick and the simple message behind your talk?

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