Mini Book Review: Gamestorming

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Gamestorming by Dave Gray, Sunni Brown, and James Macanufo

As the title suggests, the book describes games that can be used for brainstorming and related activities. Included are games to evaluate the results of a traditional brainstorming session, how to decide on the next actions, but also a lot of more complex games for very specific tasks.

Due to the long list of games being presented, Gamestorming is a bit tedious to read when you read it from beginning to end. But then again, how else are you to find out what the games are about? The titles often aren't very helpful.

Having said that, there are quite a few interesting games in here. In fact, I could use (and adapt) one of them (Graphics Jam) right away for a workshop I was working on - and the attendees liked it.

I have to admit that I've only skimmed some of the more complex games, especially if I couldn't see them being useful for my situation right now. It's probably a good idea to pull this book out again from time to time to see if any of the games that you may have ignored earlier are more applicable to your current situation now.

Most games come with hints for how they can be modified for specific audiences and you may want to get creative in how you apply the rules so that you can better adapt them to your situation.

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