Bold Text vs. Bullet Points

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Now this is an odd one: In Keynote on the iPad, I was creating a list of bullet points (yeah, I know ...). I then decided to make some words bold to make them stand out more. But when I did that to the first word after the bullet point, the bullet point itself changed and became smaller. Huh?

Now, I can understand making a bullet point bigger to go with the bold text. Keynote on the Mac seems to do that, actually. As does the "Modern Portfolio" theme in Keynote on the iPad (but not on the Mac). But the "White" and "Gradient" themes show the above behavior with the shrinking bullet point. Themes that use more fancy bullet points (usually graphics) don't seem to be affected at all. Neither is my beloved "Storyboard" theme.

I'm wondering if there are typographic rules or best practices for this? But it sure looks odd to have different bullet points in a list, just because the first word happens to be bolded (or not). And then at least the "White" theme behaves differently in Keynote on the Mac and on the iPad.

Bug or feature, that is the question ...

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