Wege zur besseren Präsentation

"Wege zur besseren Präsentation" roughly translates as "Ways towards a better presentation". It is a series of three in-person classes that will help you prepare, create, and give better presentations. In these classes you will learn how to focus on your audience and their needs, how to extract your core message and how to ensure that your audience remembers it. You will also learn how to design more effective slides and how to present more effectively.

The three classes are designed such that they can be taken independent of each other and in any order. Availability of the complete course is currently scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2012.

Initially, these classes will only be offered in German. If you speak German, you can sign up for a notification email. If there is enough interest, the classes may also be offered in English at a later date. Please use the feedback form to indicate your interest in an English version. Thank you.

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