Bold Text vs. Bullet Points

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Now this is an odd one: In Keynote on the iPad, I was creating a list of bullet points (yeah, I know ...). I then decided to make some words bold to make them stand out more. But when I did that to the first word after the bullet point, the bullet point itself changed and became smaller. Huh?


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Playing around with my new iPad, a thought struck me: Wasn't there something about Flash? Would I not be able to view my own presentations on Slideshare?

About This Site

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For years, my equipment for giving presentations was my trusty old iBook 12" (800 MHz, 640 MB of RAM), nicknamed "amalthea". I can't even remember how long I had it or how many presentations I gave with it. And then one day, a volcano erupted and in the ensuing chaos while travelling back from a conference, I managed to lose it.

So now I have to start looking for a replacement. But that's not as easy as it may seem, at least for me.