In Defence of PowerPoint (and a Colleague)

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Fellow presentation enthusiast Nicole Gugger recently posted an article (in German) defending PowerPoint against all the boilerplate criticism. Bashing PowerPoint is popular. It has almost become a meme. Yet, as Nicole points out, they are aiming at the wrong target: Not the tool is to blame but the person using it.

I found it funny that she has now been "challenged" to a sort of duel by another presentation coach. He suggested that she'd do a couple of presentations in PowerPoint and he'd do the same with only a flip chart - and then let people decide which one is better.

While that sounds like a fun thing to do, it completely misses the point of Nicole's article.

Thanks for Reading

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It's been a year since my ebook, Presenting for Geeks, came out. I just wanted to say thanks to those who bought it, read it, and recommended it.

You helped to make the world of presentations a little better and more bearable.

On this blog, I try not to repeat things that are already covered in the book. It resulted in over 50 articles since then. Thanks for reading those, too.

Relicensing the site's content under Creative Commons

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(Post last updated January 1, 2015)

I have decided to (re-)license the content of this website under a Creative Commons licence; CC BY-SA 4.0 International, to be exact. This means that you can take what I wrote here, reuse it for whatever you see fit, or combine it with other content under the same licence, e.g. from Wikipedia. The only requirements are that

  1. you quote where you got it from, i.e. from me (Dirk Haun) and this website (
  2. you share the result under the same licence