Surprise Me!

Surprise can be very effective. An element of surprise will help make your message more "sticky", as the Heath brothers point out in their book; it's the 'U', for "Unexpected", in their SUCCESs formula. If you think back to presentations you attended and what you remember best, you'll often find a memory that's attached to such an element of surprise - a surprising fact, statement, or something unexpected the presenter did. Or, sometimes, just an unexpected accident that happened during a presentation.

So how, exactly, does surprise work?


Making Data Meaningful - Presentation Advice from the UN

The United Nations (UN) is probably not the first place you would think of going to for presentation advice. So I'm glad that Christina O'Shaughnessy, who I met again at the Presentation Zen Studio in Paris recently, pointed me to a useful series of documents that the UN has published, called Making Data Meaningful.


Presentation Zen Studio in Paris

What do you do when Garr Reynolds, author of Presentation Zen, is paying Europe one of his rare visits - and you don't really have the time to organise a seminar (like in previous years)? You get a small crowd of presentation enthusiasts and Garr Reynolds fans together, assemble them in one of the nicest locations in Paris and see what happens.


Keynote for iOS 2.0 vs. the Satechi Bluetooth Remote

Among the many updates for its hardware and software products that Apple released this week was an all-new version of Keynote for iOS, now sporting a 2.0 version number.

I haven't looked into the actual feature set yet, but the most obvious change is that it now comes with a UI in the style of iOS 7. It also features better support for the iOS accessibility features, something that the previous version had implemented only partially.

What's good news for those who have to rely on better accesssibility turns out to be bad news for users of the Satechi Smart Pointer Bluetooth Remote, though. In short, the 2.0 update renders the remote pretty much useless for controlling a presentation.